Today I will talk about Pin-Up's :)
Well, I love them, the style, the sensuality, the ilustration, everything!
I love the Pin-Up art.

Most of the Pin-Ups are models or actresses that society considered sex symbols, so they represent a kind of mild eroticism, sensuality, strong and power that women have.

This trend began when the theater transformed the dancers into stars, which was photographed to appear in magazines, postcards, posters and cigarette packets.


The Pin-Up's are also called "chessecake". The cause of this name is because when the men saw a beautiful woman used the phrase "better than cheesecake".

Nowadays, the men can be considered Pin-Up's too. They are called "beefcake". Curious name! Brad Pitt was considered one.

During the Second World War, the poster of Betty Grable, one of the most popular Pin-Up's of the time, it was present pratically in all wardrobes of the U.S. military. 

The artits who started the illustration of sensual women were Alphonse Mucha and Jules Chéret.

When we talk about Pin-Ups, we also talk about art, and Pin-Ups originated various artists that imagined the attractive woman. Some of them are Alberto Vargas, Art Frahm, Gil Elvgren, Charles Dana Gibson and George Petty.

Vargas Girls
Art Frahm

Gil Elvgren

George Petty

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