Light on Snow - Anita Shreve


A car accident killed the wife and one daughter of Dillan. This accident changes and perturbs Dillan and after this, he decided live with his daughter Nicole in a house away from the society, but two years after, when they were walking in the snow, they find a newborn baby crying, wrapped on a sleeping bag, and they save his life . This incident changes their life. Nicole only has 12 but she wants the baby to replace the sister Clara, but Dillan only wants to forget this and continue the life that he has before the incident, but a crime must be solved! Who abandoned this baby in the snow? Who tried to kill this baby?
One day a girl whose name is Charlotte, showed on their house with the pretext to buy one gift to her parents, but she reveals her identity, she is the mother of the baby. Will call they the cops to arrest her? Or will hear they her story?

If you want to know the end of this story, read this book.
One of the interesting points of this book is that Dillan goes to a house to "escape" from the society, and in this new house, they don’t have a television and they don’t read the newspaper, they only have a radio, but only Nicole listen. Dillan does this, because when we read the newspaper or when we see the news in the television, we only see terrible things, parents who kill children, children who kill parents, accidents of car, and other accidents, and nowadays more and more of these things happen.

Other point is that Dillan psychologically "died" with is wife and his other daughter Clara, and Nicole was tired of seeing her father always in the same way. One day she talked with he, because she losted her sister and her mother too, and we can't died with the death of other people, even if they are very important for us, because we are alive and we have people that love and need us and only this people can make us happy if we let, and certainly the people that died only wants our hapiness and we must try to be happy.

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