Still Dreaming #1

Still dreaming é o meu novo tema para o blog. Nunca deram por estarem a sonhar acordados por terem visto um filme e imaginarem-se a voces mesmos ou porque se arrependem de não ter feito algo e imaginam o que tinha sido se o tivessem feito? Pois, então aqui vou meter algumas histórias que o meu lindo cérebro se lembra de inventar. Não aconteceram, apenas invento, ou melhor, "ele" inventa... 

Aqui vai a minha first story.

She looks at the watch.

"Five o'clock. It's the time that he goes away..."

HE - Do you go home?
SHE - Yes, I'm going to take a bus.
HE - I can take you home, if you want!
SHE - Really? So I accept!

"Can it be a signal? Does he want to spend more time with me? I hope yes..." 

For her every moment with him is precious. But she is afraid of everything. Even of act only with her heart. It's difficult for her. They are so different... She thinks in everything because she can't forget the differences... She feels like a stupid. 

"Should I talk about that? Or not? My hair, it's okay? And my clothes?"

She is insecure. She is in love...

"I don't want to be just a friend..."
During the travel only the radio sounds. 
He looks like concentrated on the road, but behind his strong and cool image, he feels something with her. 

The silence scares she: "Is it normal? What is he thinking?"
But the short trip was coming to the end..."It can't end in this way..."

HE - So, here we are...
SHE - Unfortunately, yes....
HE - Or not... I still here. With you.

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